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Norne Audio is a high end cable manufacturer specializing in OCC based fine stranded litz.  The first to introduce OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) combined with fine stranded Litz in 2011 under the name "Norse Audio", we knew it would usher in a new era of unparalleled sonic truth in Hi-Fi audio and headphone cables.  We seek to follow the path to sonic bliss with nature and science as a guideline, believing that the least loss in a headphone cable is truly the ultimate cable possible with todays technology.   Having the most experience in OCC based Litz design we are positioned with an unparalled knowledge of this ultimate combination in HiFi audio and headphone cables. We strive to innovate and bring the most refined OCC fine stranded litz designs available today, and Norne Audio will always utilize OCC based fine stranded litz at the core of our highest end headphone and audio cable designs.

Norne OCC Litz Cables available for:

Audeze LCD-2/3/X/XC headphone - Hifiman HE-300/400/500/560/4/6 headphone - AKG K702 / K812 / K480 headphone - Sennheiser HD800, HD700, HD580/HD600/HD650 headphone - Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog /
Mad Dog headphone - Shure SRH1440 / SRH1840 headphone - Denon AH-D600 / AH-D7100 headphone - Ultrasone Edition 5/8(romeo/juliet) headphone - & More


Norne Audio - The destiny of OCC based Litz Hi-Fi headphone cables